HoneyLab is a hive, a shelter, a platform, a launch pad for ambitious artistic and social cross-pollination.

Our favorite things?

Urban Acupuncture
Challenging mindsets
Creating new myths
Using art as a tool for change
Using change as a tool for art

At HoneyLab, we do what it takes to raise the bar of creativity, style and sustainability in projects that inspire us.

We do it on individual and collective levels, on micro & macro scales, locally and globally, ad hoc or with a big plan.

With a trail of honey, we invite you to join us.


Part of the Harvard GSD Think Tank, Ximena Caminos is one of the most unconventional creatives of her generation. Known for her keen post-disciplinary approach that bridges culture, community-building, urban development, and placemaking, she has recently been appointed Artistic Visionary Planner for The Underline, the largest public art project in America. Caminos is the Founder of the cultural platform HoneyLab and BlueLab, former Artistic Director and Chair of Faena Art, Partner and CCO of the multi-award winning Faena Group. Ximena is a Member of the New Museum Leadership Council, a Founding Member of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's Latin American Circle Partner, Honorary Board Member of Art Basel Cities and recipient of Knight Foundation Arts Champion Award.