HoneyLab was founded by Ximena Caminos. It is a creative think-tank, a hive, a shelter, a platform, a launch pad for ambitious artistic and social cross-pollination. At HoneyLab, we do what it takes to raise the bar of creativity, style and sustainability in projects that inspire us. With a trail of honey, we invite you to join us.

Our favorite things?
Using art as a tool for change
Using change as a tool for art
Urban acupuncture
Challenging mindsets
Creating new myths

“It was a natural step in my evolution as a cultural activist to develop such a project, where kindred spirits collaborate and rejoice under the magic light of creation.”

Ximena Caminos, Founder

Ximena Caminos

Public Art & Culture-led Placemaking

Ximena Caminos is a cultural entrepreneur, internationally-renowned curator best known for her commitment to public art and having developed two large scale cultural districts in North and South America. Caminos is considered a cultural agitator, having pioneered new ways to discuss contemporary art and cultural manifestations.

Caminos has been part of the leadership teams for the development of major cultural districts for Faena Group in Miami Beach and Buenos Aires. She was the former founder and chair of Faena Art, a cross-disciplinary non-profit platform for the creative sectors. She was appointed as Artistic Visionary Planner for masterplan for The Underline, the largest public art projects in the United States.  Her work is often focused around topics such as community-building, urban development, climate change, and ocean conservation, and she is committed to the sustainability and preservation of oceans through art and culture.

She has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists including Studio DRIFT, Random International, Leandro Erlich, and Refik Anadol, bringing their work on a large-scale to public spaces. Caminos is the Founder of The ReefLine Miami Beach, a seven mile long underwater marine sanctuary and sculpture park with a master plan designed by OMA.

Caminos is a member of the New Museum Leadership Council, founding member of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's Latin American Circle Partner, Advisor to Art Basel Cities and has worked on several projects and masterplans within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including as a Competition Juror for Uptown Jeddah, the Riyadh Hub cultural masterplan and advisor on the cultural and hospitality developments in Saudi Arabia.

These are some of our friends and partners
Colin Foord
Scientist, Coral Morphologic

Marko Brajovic
Architect, Atelier MB

Galia Solomonoff
Architect, SAS

Agustina Caminos
Healer / Spiritual Therapist, Faena

Job Smeets
Designer, Studio Job

Florencio Nocetti

Eric Lopez

Carolina Jayaram
Entrepreneur, CGJ Consulting

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