Andrés Reisinger
The Smell of Pink 

Faena Art Center Miami

In Reisigner’s celestial realm, the visitor is surrounded by rose-coloured translucent curtains, and carpets of the same hue. The Smell of Pink is an immersive multi-sensory site-specific installation. It acts as catalysts and way finder along the roads that connect the digital realm and our everyday landscapes. This work invites audiences into a dream-like experience akin to stepping inside a rose quartz, surrounded by scents inspired by music and nature. Renowned for his merging of digital and physical worlds, Reisinger creates a scent bearing the installation’s title, and the bottle, coupled with an NFT.
At night, similarly tinted LED lamps, replace the filtered daylight, to keep the otherworldly refuge illuminated. Isolated from the outside world, this comforting, encapsulating, organic and sensuous embodiment of the artist’s unique mental and virtual landscapes, invites the audience to remain in the moment, encouraging a meditative state of deep connection with their own spiritual and sensory experiences.

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