Project in development phase
CarbonXinc develops environmental projects with a revolutionary material that combines eco friendly concrete and carbon capture crystals to permanently store carbon.  CarbonXinc is the future of eco-infrastructure that helps restore our environments one project at a time. Artist Petroc Sesti along with curators Ximena Caminos and Mollie Dent Brocklehurst have a created CX, a revolutionary sculptural material that actually sucks carbon from the atmosphere and stores it as a carbon sink.
CarbonXinc’s material captures CO2 in several ways. The first is by tuning it into stone via carbonation. The stone can then be used as an aggregate and performs the same role as gravel does in concrete. We then mix this with a composite binder to hold the aggregate in place. Next, we take CO2 (as a gas) and infuse it into the wet concrete. This helps it set and locks away further CO2. The result is a that material which can be very carbon intensive, becomes a carbon sink.

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