Anthony McCall & Mischa Kuball

El Aleph

Faena Art Center Buenos Aires

El Aleph presented site-specific installations by British artist Anthony McCall and German artist Mischa Kuball. Inspired by the short story by Jorge Luis Borges, the exhibition explored the aesthetics of literary space, the translation of metaphors and the immateriality of light. Renowned for his ‘solid light’ creations, McCall’s inimitable projections occupy the space between cinema, sculpture and drawing.
Exhibited for the first time in Argentina, McCall’s stark white lines projected luminous shadows against a dark room filled with mist, creating fragile sculptures that bathed the exhibition space in light. In contrast to these monumental structures, the installation by Mischa Kuball space – speech – speed consisted of a myriad of constantly moving light reflections. 

“All language is a set of symbols whose use among its speakers assumes a shared past. How, then, can I translate into words the limitless Aleph, which my floundering mind can scarcely encompass?”

Jorge Luis Borges, El Aleph

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