Ernesto Neto

O bicho suspenso na paisagen

Faena Art Center Buenos Aires

An artist with an inimitable style, for the last twenty years Ernesto Neto has been bringing his viewers sensory and bodily experiences. Through works that can be touched, inhaled, bathed in, played with and which enfold the visitor in biomorphic forms built of translucent fabrics, Neto defends an experiential art that combines physical experience with an intellectually rigorous examination of our environment.

Neto’s sculptural environments both respond to and are inspired by sources as diverse as the uniform architecture and design of the rationalized world, organic culture and beach trade of his native Rio de Janeiro, or more specifically Ipanema. Ernesto is a shrewd observer of the attempts by capital to organize and systematize our environments, and in many ways, his work is a response to these limitations, one that tries to bring his viewers a fresh way of dealing with the world, a way less obsessed with efficiency.

“ I always have a plan, but it's like the plan for a journey. Once you're on the road, you change things. If nothing changes, if you end up with something that's just as you planned it, then you haven't created art. ”

Ernesto Neto

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