Faena District

Miami Beach, FL
Completed in 2016

Located in Miami Beach, the Faena Forum enjoys a unique site that stretches between Indian Creek and the Atlantic beachfront. It is he centerpiece of Mid-Beach’s emerging status as a hot destination. Rem Koolhaas’ OMA has designed three buildings for the three block site along Collins Avenue - an arts center, retail bazaar and car park. These distinct functions are linked by a sequence of public domains including a plaza, courtyard and marina dock.
Faena District transformed the area’s faded hotels and condominiums into the Faena district, a six-block project that comprises the 169-room hotel, the 50-room hotel Casa Claridge’s, three condominium buildings, a cultural center and a retail complex. The cultural provides a focal point to the neighborhood and to the mid-Beach zone at large.

"Culture is at the core of Faena's vision, and has been the driving force for our collaboration in Miami Beach. By curating their neighborhood with programmatic diversity, Faena's sphere of influence will likely extend beyond this development to the rest of Miami Beach. "

Shohei Shigematsu, OMA Architects

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