Pam Tanowitz & Sho Shigematsu (OMA)
Once with me, Once without me

Faena Art Center Miami

Once with me, Once without me is an immersive and site-sensitive, cross-disciplinary choreography by Pam Tanowitz in collaboration with Sho Shigematsu, of the Pritzker Prize-winning architectural firm OMA.

Its world premiere inaugurated Faena Art’s new Miami home, Faena Forum designed by Rem Koolhaas/OMA. The site-sensitive commission setted the tone for the many cultural practitioners and the diverse public that will come through the Forum’s doors, and featured dancers from Tanowitz’s Company as well as students from Miami City Ballet. As a celebration of the architecture, the performance highlighted the flexible features of the building activating and breathing life into this new space.

Over the past decade, choreographer Pam Tanowitz has created a body of work that fuses ballet with classic modern dance, creating abstract movement that challenges stylistic expectations, as well as conventions of composition and the concert-going experience. 

Curator: Ximena Caminos
Choreography: Pam Tanowitz
Scenography: Sho Shigematsu / OMA
Music: Dan Siegler
Costumes: Sybilla
Lighting: Davison Scandrett
Dancers: Pam Tanowitz Dance with students from Miami City Ballet School

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