Richard Long
Mendoza Walking

Faena Art Buenos Aires

Mendoza, a city that exists as a bridge between Argentina’s indigenous and colonial past, is also a gateway to the Andes—the largest mountain range in the world, a mystical frontier of human exploration, and the spiritual spine of the Americas. His eighteen days walking in the shadow of Aconcagua are not just his alone but speak to human potential as well as the need for universal remembrance. His work is at once the walking itself, the imprint he leaves as he displaces stones and mud to mark the landscape with in-situ sculptures, and finally the totems of this spiritual journey (made from materials collected in his walking) offered at the Faena Art Center as remnants of the experience.
Faena Art Center was honored to present Richard Long, an artist who continues to break new ground and whose work insists upon maintaining a dialogue with the space around him and the materials found therein. Manifest from the traces of our terrain, Walking Mendoza signals to our past, grapples with the material potential of the environment and urges us to reimagine movement, place, materiality and future change.

“Richard Long's organic and contemplative meditations in nature remind us of our own steps, the ephemeral and profound marks that we leave on the surface of the earth”

Ximena Caminos

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