Public Art
The City as a Canvas. Find a potent location. Imagine how it could modify the gravity of a city. Mobilize an army of dreamers. Modify the gravity of the city. Find a new location. Reinvent urban gravity itself. Repeat.

We specialize in public art, conjuring site-specific installations and artistic takeovers that activate critical points in the city and turn them into cultural epicenters, bringing all-inclusive, high-end art and design to local communities.

Urban Acupuncture
Like skilled marksmen, we target locations that could use a little attention and intervene to regenerate them into urban playgrounds for the body and mind. Think Miami's Underline, a 10-mile linear park and urban trail under the city's Metrorail, voted the most significant public development in the USA.

Events and Programming
HoneyLab develops and curates echoing cultural happenings that merge grassroots talent, progressive sponsors and total inspiration.

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