Directed by Claire Tancons
Tide by Side

Faena Art Center Miami

Building upon parades, carnivals, and other public ceremonials from across the Americas and the Caribbean, Tide by Side inaugurated the Faena District Miami Beach with new commissions and American premieres of works by an international cast of artists and performers.

The outcome of a two-year collaboration on an unprecedented district- and city-wide scale, with more than 30 South Florida cultural institutions and hundreds of participants, Tide by Side took the form of a processional performance that provided a framework for a collective celebration of, and reflection on community and creation.

Directed by Claire Tancons in collaboration with Arto Lindsay and Gia Wolff, featured Ernesto Neto, Los Carpinteros, Carlos Betancourt, Carnival Arts, Marinella Senatore, and Miralda, as well as more than 30 cultural institutions from South Florida.

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